Statamic is updated regularly! We're always fixing bugs, adding features, and playing hopscotch. You can keep an eye on the Changelog or your Control Panel sidebar to see when new updates are available.

Command line

Statamic has a command line updater. Just run the following command:

php please update

That’s it! It’ll make a backup, download the latest release, swap out the files, and clean up after itself.

Control Panel

Statamic also has an updater in the Control Panel. When an update is available, users with Update permissions will see a badge in the sidebar next to the logo. Clicking on that badge will take you to a magical, bountiful land flowing with updates and releases.

Once here, all you need to do is click the Update button and watch as the work is done for you.

You can get to this section at any time by going to Tools ยป Updater. It’s possible that you could beat the system and find an update before it makes it to the badge. Just keep refreshing. That’s one way to live.

Manual updates

Manually updating is just as simple:

  • Download the latest version from statamic.com.
  • Replace your statamic/ folder with the newest one.
  • Run php please clear:cache.
  • Run php please update:housekeeping to perform any additional tasks that the updater would have taken care of automatically.
  • Run php please update:addons if you have any addons installed.

If you’re looking for how to upgrade from Statamic v1, check out the Migrating From v1 Guide.

Last Updated July 18, 2017

Table of Contents
  1. Command line
  2. Control Panel
  3. Manual updates