Normally a User is someone with an account and access to the Control Panel, but that's not always the case. Statamic's flexible User system gives you a lot of flexibility around what being a "User" can mean.

Creating Your First User

Your first User account is normally created during installation, but you can also create one by hand.

Users are represented by YAML files inside site/users. The filename becomes the username, and you can hold any “profile” data you’d like inside, as valid YAML. Here’s an example.

first_name: Joe
last_name: Cool
super: true
password: YourPasswordGoesHere

Two important things to note here: the super, and the password.

The Password

Creating a user by hand will involve a plain text password. Have no fear, however! As soon as you log in, it will be encrypted and hashed and as secure as any DB driven auth system you’ve ever seen (you can log in by visiting /cp).


Statamic has a whole Permissions and Roles system letting you create and configure some pretty granular controls over who can see and do what in the Control Panel.

You can bypass all that by setting super: true. You’ll have access to everything. And as the developer of a new Statamic site, that’s probably what you want.

Users without a role, or super status will not have access to the Control Panel at all. You can use that state to create member areas on the front-end of your site. We have a whole bunch of Tags to facilite that workflow.

Last Updated March 28, 2017

Table of Contents
  1. Creating Your First User
    1. The Password
  2. Permissions