Globals are groups of variables made available everywhere in your templates, all the time, and are never tied to any one specific page, entry, or URL.


Globals are designed for reusable content, such as:

  • Company info
  • Footer and sidebar content
  • Customer quotes or testimonials
  • Site settings (e.g. on/off switches for various features)
  • Success and/or error message text

You can create multiple Globals sets in site/content/globals, or Configure » Content » Globals in the control panel.

Variables set inside your default set (global.yaml) will simple be available in all your templates by their variable name. Each set/file becomes its own scope, allowing you to group your Globals together logically. For example, all of the variables inside a footer.yaml file will be accessed through {{ footer:var_name }}.

Last modified on December 20, 2017