What Is Statamic?

Statamic is different than other Content Management Systems like Wordpress, Drupal, or Craft CMS in many important and powerful ways, but the most obvious is we removed the MySQL database. It's for your own good.

By eliminating the rigid, relational database, we unlock the ability to create and support any data structure you can imagine and providing you with a Control Panel that is flexible in ways you might assume are impossible.

Out of the box, Statamic runs on a “flat file” engine based on Markdown and YAML files with an optional Redis driver when high-performance and concurrency is important. Read on to explore all the ways Statamic can change the way you build sites forever. No hyperbole or exaggeration.

Quick Reference Links

These are some of the most commonly referenced areas of the docs.

Prefer Video?

We have a screencast series on learning how to build sites with Statamic. Follow along with 12 episodes as we go from design comp to full site.

Getting Help

Sometimes words and pictures aren't enough. That's when the community, support, and screencasts jump in to help.

Last modified on December 11, 2017